Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've never been one to like work. My distaste for the matter stems from my childhood, too many long hours shoveling goat shit, planting rows upon rows of silverqueen sweet corn, and chasing cows when they broke through the fences in Vermont. But, I need money to support my obsessive climbing habit. Shoes, ropes, and gas do not come cheap. Thursday morning, I will start working at a rafting company in town. I am torn between trying to find a second job and work a lot, the current position at Osprey only requires 24 hours of work a week, and just trying to get by. Less work means more climbing. More climbing now means more work later though. I would really like to have some money to move to Boulder in December and to take a few months of before going. I really want to spend a little time hanging out in Yosemite/Sonora area this fall as well as head down to Zion. I might have to find a second job.


shannon said...

man, this living vicariously shit sucks. i want to go rock climbing!!

Katie H said...

hmmm... maybe you should give it some time with just one job and then decide if the 2nd is truly needed. Boulder rules but is a pricey place to live (as I'm sure you've heard). They have better protection for pigeons than homeless people which is f-ed up (even though I'm happy for the pigeons). Dude, come live in Davis!