Monday, July 21, 2008

A Grapefruit Ankle

Friday, after Max and I climbed Shriek of the Mutilated, we climbed a really cool sport route called Das Muzak. We both managed to send the rig our second try. Then we rallied back to the Peshastin house, I showered, shaved, threw on a nice shirt and some black shoes and headed to an interview for a bussing position at Visconti's. The manager looked at my application and my resume quizically. "Don't you think you're overqualified?" Obviously, the manager had never seen me work. I swore up and down that I was not. Maybe I'll have a second job. I did some errands around town, and saw Isaac. We made plans to boulder and an hour later, he, Ryan, and I were at the Icehouse. We rocked out the boulders there for a bit before heading to Saul's Canal, where Isaac had just established some new problems. One was an extremely hard mantle clocking in around v8. Shit. He had his heel and his arm intertwined pressing the business out. Impressive stuff. Afterwards, we stopped by Safeway to get food for dinner. In the checkout line, the cute girl in front of me turned, smiled, and said "Hi James." It took me a moment to place her. She worked as the bartender at Visconti's. We never met, but obviously she knew who I was. We flirted in line. I thought about telling her what a big deal I am but decided to keep it cool. She encouraged me to go back to Visconti's and try hard to get the bussing job. Good stuff. Afterwards, Isaac, Ryan, and I made dinner, and I drank too much beer. What a rad day. There's not much better than having a lot of things go well in one day. Makes me not mind living in Leavenworth so much. I have been thinking about leaving lately, but I might just be able to stick it out up here.

Last night, I worked a double, which means 8 non-stop hours of bussing. I do not mind working hard. Don't tell anyone I said that. But I rarely walk around much outside of work. For the past three and a half years, I have avoided sligging, hiking, and general long walks. The impact makes the metal in my left ankle funky, and the whole rig swells up like a grapefruit. Yesterday, I hobbled to my car after my shift ended. I felt like a cripple again. Not cool. Learning to walk again was difficult. Limping reminds me of the pain.

In other news, I am going to see the Batman movie today and am very excited. I love superhero movies. I spend hours reading comic books. Yup, I dork out to The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight, and the occasional Archie and Jughead comics. Who doesn't think Peter Park is the shit, or that Bruce Wayne is a badass, or that one day Betty and Veronica will kiss and make Jughead's day.


JohnClimbRok said...

Yeah, I'm waiting on the same resume commentary. Can't really do much with objections busing tables.

mlucas said...

The new guy at a restaraunt is always considered hot shit. Try and get some.