Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The James Lucas Memorial Yard Sale

On Decemember 18th 2004, I fell a hundred feet while rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park. After 381 days, 81 days in the hospital, and 8 surgeries, I was able to climb. Today is the four year anniversary of my big fall. In an effort to raise funds for a good cause, The James Lucas Needs To Buy A Laptop Fund, I am selling an assortment of goods at low, low prices. Make me an offer at bigwalljames@yahoo.com


45 meter 9.5 yellow Beal Dynamic rope, cut a dozen times, much of its elasticity is gone, definitely would make a good rug

45 meter 9.8 blue Black Diamond rope, cut a half dozen times, much of its elasticity is gone, may make a good rug

50 meter 9.5 yellow Beal Dynamic rope, cut a couple times, much of its elasticity is gone, probably still usable but might make an okay rug

70 meter 9.4mm Red dynamic rope. Stolen from The North Face's Athlete of the Year Cedar Wright. Would make the best rug.

Back Packs:

North Face Red and Grey ~40 Liter Back Pack- great for cragging. A bear in yosemite loved this bag so much he took a big bite out of the side of it.

North Face Sliquid Hydration Pack- streamlined version- extra buckles and straps have been cut, excellent small pack for the second or for solos

Lowe Alpine Fanny pack- Blue and Black ideal for short hikes or for filling with weed and running from rangers

Sport Climbing:

Double Length Quick Draw- Left as a toprope anchor on Kurt Smith's heady testpiece Blackout, South Whizz Dome in Toulumne, believed to be the property of Ron Kauk. Petzl sling and two oval carabiners

Rope Tarp- Black square rope tarp, foldable with red and green tie on straps on the corners

Ballooon Pump- Used to blow up balloons for clowns. Also may be inserted in mouth to pump up deflated ego.

Black Diamond Quickdraw-bent gate bottom biner, D upper biner. Some beer spilled on it at Nason Ridge in Washington. Do not bring glass beer bottles to the crag.

Petzl Caldris Harness- Perfect for a new sport climber. Bottom tie in loop worn and may fail if used.

Trad Climbing

Belay Device- Trango blue square belay device best used as back up to hip belay.

Set of Large Stoppers- Black Diamond stoppers #10 and up with an HB offset and an unknown stopper. One of the stoppers has burn marks where it was used to smoke hippie lettuce out of.

Big Old Hex- about 3 1/2" tech cord attachment, doubles as cowbell

Metolious #10 SLCD- Blue, fist size
Metolious #9 SLCD- Maroon, cupped hands or small fist
Metolious #8 SLCD- Purple, big hands
Metolious #7 SLCD- Light Blue, hands, slightly creaky, needs some love and will work well
Metolious #6 SLCD- Green, small hands, a little worked will perform well though
Metolious #5 SLCD- Black, thin hands, very worked.
Metolious #4 SLCD- Red, slightly creaky, big fingers
Metolious #2 SLCD-Yellow four unit camming device

Understanding the Gender Gap: An Economic History of American Women by Claudia Goldin

Black Diamond 4.5 SLCD- Red Stacked hands, never used

Black Diamond 1 camalot- Red Newer style bent cams may have been dropped off of El Cap. Belonged to Alex Honnold Own a piece of fame.

Shoulder Length Slings- 4 grey black diamond slings, two other fancy type of slings

Wall Climbing

Gold Petzl Ascender-Found at base of Salathe Wall with hand still attached.currently separated some blood marks

Rock Exotica Wall Hauler- belonged to Mike Corbett, seen 28 El Capitan ascents, none by me, still works well.

Fifi Hook

Metolious 5 Step Aider- Yellow

Metolious 5 Step Aider- Green

Yosemite Lodge Cutlery- two knives, one fork, and one spoon

Black Diamond Talon- three hooks in one unit slighty rusted

Leeper Bat Hook

Leeper Cam Hook- Forged iron, smaller size

Leeper Cam Hook- Forged iron, larger size

Black Diamond Hook- Small size hook

C++ By Dissection by Ira Pohl- The Essentials of C++ Programming- Perfect for tackling the intricatcies of wall climbing


Acopa Spectres Size 9- Red and black lace up shoes, soft last, left shoe is worn, right shoe has more life

La Sportiva Testarossas- Men's 39.5, Ronald McDonald colors, aggressive lace-up shoe, well worn

Boreal Ballet Golds- Men's 8.5, Blue and gold, stiff high top shoes, some use, lots of blood stains around the ankle


Metolious Chalk Bag Belt

Worked Chalk Bag- Comes with zipper pocket, fastex buckle belt, a number of tears, and a bit of old chalk at the bottom

Solved Rubik's Cube- Worn stickers and center slightly worked from being greased

Free Soloing

Tums- Regular strength antacid with calcium-two rolls

Soft back brace- fits 45"-62" Made in Mexico, feels like a girdle, ladies love tearing this thing off.

Collapseable Walker- Standard walker no tennis ball modification. Feet have seen wear


Light Weight Toilet Paper- 8" by 12" lined single sheet piece of toilet paper specifically designed for alpinism comes with written description of Franco-Argentine route

Thermarest- long, self inflating, slight leak. You'll be sleeping on the ground by morning probably fixable


North Face Light Weight Tech shirt- red on shoulders grey on chest and back red North Face Logo across breast

North Face Long Underwear Top- Long Sleeve, grey

North Face Hyvent Jacket-Small, three ply blue and grey storm jacket needs to be washed with dry water treatment to help reinstate its waterproofness

North Face Men's Convertible Pants-size 32 dark grey some paint stains but in good condition

North Face Men's A5 Cargo Pants- size 32 khaki paint stains

North Face Men's Muscle Shirt- Light weight technical tank top grey size large

North Face Collared Short Sleeve Shirt- Men's Medium yellow checkered

North Face Me's Long Sleeve Safari Shirt- Button up dark blue collared shirt zippers under the arm pits

Patagonia Capilene- Men's Small feather grey

Patagonia Capilene- Men's Small grey

Mountain Hardwear balaclava

Garbage Bag of Blown Out Shoes:
Mountain Masters size 9.5 delaminated toe and no insole, 1 pair of North Face stiff approach shoes sat in the ran a little, 3 pairs of La Sportiva Miuras, 2 pairs of La Sportiva Katanas, 1 pair of La Sportiva Testarossas, 2 pairs Five Ten Velcro Anasazis, 1 pair of Five Ten mid tops, 2 pairs of Acopa slippers, 1 pairs of Acopa Spectres,

Box of Bills
Sierra Nevada Summerfest beer box of bills- Lots of really, really, really big medical bills I am willing to trade all proceeds from this sale in exchange for someone to take care of the papers in this box. Burning is not an option. Thanks!

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