Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Bloody Thirsty Scramble

My mother and father, before they divorced, fucked like rabbits. During their two decade marriage, my mother popped out a whopping six children, five boys and one girl. The cluster of kids made living in rural Vermont and New York slightly more tolerable. Eventually, my oldest brother started to disappear. He's ten years older and initially he attended RIP, an engineering school in New York. He received a full four year ride but quickly blew his opportunity by discovering a land of lust ladies and cheap beer. He left school after a semester and joined the army in an attempt to get his shit together. After finishing his military service, he entered NYU, received a degree in computer languages, and secured himself a baller ass job as director of strategy at Microsoft. A Lucas escapes the vortex.

Justin went to community college for a bit but dropped out when he found ten pounds of hippie lettuce in the woods of Schohaire county. Jenny bounced between colleges for six years. Two semesters in Phoneix, a semester in Cobleskill N.Y., online classes. She constantly transfered, hoping to start over. With the addition of baby Jack, she may not have the time to complete her degree. Matt attended SUNY New Paltz for two years, maybe three, before his inappropriate anarchist actions against the bureaucracy of the college forced him out of school. Nick's never had much ambition for academia. His aptitude resides in mechanics, not scholastics.

Commencement is in two weeks, I'll be climbing and not attending though I'm rather excited to finish a four year project. I'll be the second kid in my family to send school. Not an easy task. I've financed school myself, bought a car, recovered from a serious accident, climbed a ton, performed in a stand-up comedy show, got published, and have taken serious advantage of school. Sick. While my academic performance isn't excellent (3.0 gpa), I'll finish with a somewhat useful degree- Economics and Business Management.

The world ahead is a mysterious place. I'll have to get a job and a house, neither of which I know how to swing. Currently I'm concerned with my financial state. Being a dirtbag sucks. Highly overrated and entirely passe. I suppose now that I'm done with school, I'll begin the next stage in life-- the blood thirsty scramble for the dollar.

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